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    Download the file with the button below and extract it to any folder.

  • Start the application

    You might see “Windows protected your PC”, simply click “More info” > “Run anyway”.

  • Enable/disable the cheats you want and enjoy!

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Main features

  • Model Swapping
  • You can switch between characters in the game thanks to this function. So, you can add new characters to replace those who were eliminated, which will add excitement to the game. One of these settings involves having chicken with rifles chase you throughout the game's map in place of the game's cops.

  • God mode
  • The Impulse mod menu's biggest feature, as it offers you complete control over your gameplay, is this one. Your player can withstand attacks whilst it's active without getting hurt. Your arsenal will always be full, and you can teleport from one location on the map to another. It guarantees that you are always ready for every gaming scenario and that nothing can defeat you while you play.

  • Custom vehicle spawning
  • Thanks to the Impulse mod menu, you may now add new vehicles to GTA 5 whenever you want. It will change the game's car file and add new features to your personalized rides. As you drive the vehicles you created, this will give the game a more unique, personal touch, and you'll appreciate it more.

  • Control overtime and weather
  • When playing GTA5, the weather has a significant impact on your experience. For instance, your visibility will be reduced while driving through a storm on the highway, increasing the likelihood that you may crash. You can modify the weather to your preferred settings using the impulse mod menu. You can alter the timing as well to speed up the appearance of quests.

  • Session overseer
  • You will have complete control over the players in online matches with this Impulse mod menu feature. You can now add a person to the session overseer list if they consistently break the rules when you're on an online task. As players go around the map, they will experience multiple crashes and poor gameplay as a result. You also have control over other players at this point.

How to use Impulse Mod Menu

impulse mod menu

How to install and use

  • Get the Impulse Mod Menu file now.
  • Drag and drop the zip file's folder to your desktop or another location on your PC to unpack it.
  • Launch the application file .exe located in the folder.
  • Turn on or off the features you desire.
  • Launch GTA V and have fun!

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